Gone with tides




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Manual focus


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Sunset through lens


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December moon


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January 14, 2018 · 3:13 pm

What more you can do in a summer vacation?

Sometimes the summer vacations turns adventurous. It brings you long-lasting memories. It might pave path for new beginning of a journey or a path. Jake, a free-bird, a writer, fully packed with his research, was asked to take care of his niece, Heiley and nephew, Noah by their father and Jake’s brother, Daniel.

Yeah, by the way, I am talking about, Jake’s vacation with Hailey and Noah in the movie “Secret Summer” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4743250/). The movie also casts the effort of a group of people, who attempt to stop the selling of a library, which is a community hall for many. Appraiser, Raichel was assigned the job of getting the papers ready for buying the library complex for building a resort and spa.

This movie shows the effort of Jack, how he is building the broken relations with his brother family. The difference between Jack and brother Daniel goes away at the end of the movie.

The last part of the movie becomes emotional. The kid, Noah goes missing. He has gone to get a possible treasure which he got to know through uncle Jake. At last they found Noah, who was digging the floor of library building. During this, he found some archeological reminaining which preserve the library from selling.

The film is a worth watching piece of work. I assure that definetely, you will appreciate this movie.

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Luck or Unluck

Are you lucky or unlucky? Nobody would give a clear-cut answer. The answer depends their present situation. Whether, that moment they are lucky or unlucky. Human mind always search for it perfection. Therefore, even if you don’t have any problems as such, you look for some problem. In fact, it is not happening as such. Since we are not satisfied with what we have and we tries for the best, we are left with half-filled mind. A completely satisfied human being is not existing, even if he might be saint. Why I am particular about this is even those people who abstained themselves from material happiness itself are in a constant urge for becoming stable. Their constant efforts of discovering happiness outside of whatever they see itself indicates that they are not finding happiness. I am not critic of those peoples. What I want to stress here is even those who left earthly happiness are no way different from an average human being, especially in this regard.

How much I earned today and how much I targeted for tomorrow. We are all motivated like that. May be, our civilization has taught us to be competitive. We are growing up by listening and learning all those filthy stuffs in the form of education of various forms, both institutional and non-institutional. We are aimed for tomorrows and we are not living today. Even, I myself may not be quite different from others.

Earlier days, when I was worried over something, I used to reach parents. This is due to my belief that I will be relieved off the tension if I could share with somebody, especially someone very close to me. But, what would be the impact of this deed is they would become more tensed than me. Earlier, it was only me who was tensed, but because of my action I could tense my parents too. Ultimately, we all do things this. We are all tries to escape from everything, from happiness, from sadness, from enjoyment, from worries etc. We are not finding happiness anywhere. We escape from ourselves by reading, writing, traveling, worshiping etc.

We are always contradictory. We say it is good at this instant and would change our opinion at the next moment. Our creations are victims of such varied emotions. As we are not uniform by birth and living styles, our creativity also varies accordingly. The day we conquered our mind will be the day of end. A complete or perfect mind cannot stay long. The motive of our existence itself is the imperfection, that throw us in to many more problems. By finding solutions, both temporary as well as permanent, we spend each day, waiting for more challenging tomorrow. Whole of our valuable time is being spend by thinking about tomorrow and about yesterday, forget to live in present. Today’s awesome moments will be better appreciated tomorrow.

Even if, we think of the futility of the way we live, we cannot change the way it progresses, because of the very fact that we are human beings.


It belongs to the imperfection of everything human that man can only attain his desire by passing through its opposite.…………Soren Kierkegaard


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Don’t leave me alone

Eyes were enthralled to see you,

You were floating above my head,

over the sky,

Appears as black and white,

enticing the emotions,

Moving rhythmically to somewhere.

Hiding the Sun from us,

Strewed across the sky,

By seeing you,

I apprehended various shapes.

I saw angels playing on your surface,

Laughing folks and

flocks of sheep.

I was lone company of you,

Enjoying the glittering surface

of your edges,

Spending the whole day

watching your beauty,

I too disappeared myself

in you,

Stood watching and feeling jealous-

As you were free to move anywhere.


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