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Darkness of night

Sometimes, I am afraid of darkness,

Especially those fearsome nights,

When I woke up in the middle of sleep

Those nights felt lengthier than usual ones,

I was tired, but sleep was standing away

Street dogs were barking incessantly,

And the cicadas sound too rattling the ears,

Lost my patience over not getting sleep,

Switching the positions of head

My bed was placed near to window

The window was not draped

Chilled air was entering in to the room

My face was bathed by the moonlight

Stars twinkling above my head,

tickling my eyebrows,

Branches of the tree was often caressing

my window glass

The leaves appears sleeping,

Fireflies strewed across branches

Challenging the lights of the stars

As if it were dropped on earth

Everything on the earth were sleeping

Except me and those barking street dogs,

It was piercing through my ear-drums.



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In the mood of love

After long waiting

After breaking the silence

After cutting down the curiosity

We met again

Silence sprang in our eyes

Face was down as,

it was filled with long desire to meet

We could not talk for a while, as if

the tongue was paralyzed

We moved together for hours and

We didn’t how it went so so long,

Walking through the narrow road,

surrounding the park

was filled with silence

Weather was cozy,

accompanied with cool breeze.

We felt that the day was made for us

Pavement was strewed with yellowish flowers

Happiness was accompanied by slight drizzling

Sat on a street bench,

Suddenly, it happened

happened in the form of downpour

It has joined us together

under the shelter of an umbrella,

Atmosphere was so nice and specially made for us

As it was blessing us with its deeds

Gods were enthralled with our union

and blessed us with rain and cool breeze

As there were many benches

and our time was limited

we switched from one bench to another

Pedestrians were passing without noticing us or

we didn’t feel they passes by

Nothing was bothering, except time

It was only enemy ahead of us,

Enjoyed the mood, filled

with warmness and silence

Sun was slowly sinking in the western horizon and

Darkness pervades slowly as

gloominess started pervades into our faces,

Did not felt waiting for bus

as the hours left was precious.

Reached the place, where we have to say

good by for the day,

Mind was full and eyes were wet,

Voice was feeble and short,

We spoke with eyes,

Waiting was curious and painful,

however, parting too is painful


To my dearest


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Summer days

The day felt very long as

it was very hot

Sun was throwing its rays which

cut across the atmospheric layer

Traces of clouds are not seen


Lakes were evaporated by the intense summer

Cattle wandered across the field to

fetch water

Tree were left with leave-less branches

Hornbills, sitting on the branches

lifting its beak, waiting for the rain

Cicades were tired of

its crying for water

Soil was parching.

Ponds were dried of intense summer,

Nightingale were not singing as

they were more thirsty.

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Just before departure

2012-12-08 16.48.11

He is in his last hours,

About to descend on the sea,

Lost his vigor,

Tired of traveling long distance,

He is not raging now,

Those reddish rays were still blinking

my eyes,

Backwater has regenerated him over its surface,

As the wind has waved through the water,

he started move along in symphony

Those bushes on the banks

appears more shiny as

the rays cut across

the branches

Greenish leaves smiled as he fondled them

He was more gorgeous at this moment

Disappointed by all these

he just departed from my sight,


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Evening walk gave pleasure and

soothing always,

I was little late today,

even though,

People were few and it was not so sunny

the atmosphere was comfy except that

Vehicle’s buzzing noise reverberated my ears

Those who are in jogging

overtaken me as if they are in a sport event

As I was not in a hurry

to reach anywhere,

I was left back by the their speed

When I saw the dying sun,

he was still rejoicing

with his enthralling appearance

even though he is going to be devour

by the horizon,

with the belief that,

he could rebirth tomorrow

with more energy

Moon has rose along with the sunset that,

as he was awaiting for the sun’s departure to

occupy his place

As I moves ahead

leaving behind the past

I could see only future

full of hope and desires

and will soon going to be past

once I crosses it


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Childhood resolutions


Being a little sparrow,

Resting on my cute nest,

Caressed by cool breeze

Rays of the morning sun piercing through

the sawdust and

tickled my eyes

I was thinking of quaffing sun

He was grinning over my head

I became more jealous as

he repeated same everyday

The mood was saturated with relaxation

as I was sleeping on my favorite home

built by my mother

I have to wait until she returns in the evening

Long days felt bored to me

My happiness was interrupted by

the birds chirping and swaying

I cursed myself of being a little kid

my pathetic situation, helplessness

Butterflies swaggers flowers to flowers

However, it gave some pleasure and hope

as I was confident of becoming elder sooner

Still he is smiling above my head

that little monster, the Sun

I challenged him that I will swallow him

when I get older

Mother took me to another shelter

as monsoon wind has shattered our little house

I cursed the wind for the menace

I decided, I will take revenge as

I get older,

I saw my mother, cover my wings in fibers she

took from far to save me from cold

However, she was shivering of cold

as she couldn’t resist in that chillness

I was angry of being a child

my miserable situation

my helplessness

Sever days passed,

Witnessing the changes

The day came,

mother took my for fetching food

We returned evening

after collecting fibers and threads

I saw myself grew up

I became like my mother

I starts going with her

for fetching food and fibers from remote places

One day I saw my nest was damaged by somebody

I could not control my anger

I saw my mother was trying to make it repair

Her wings rendered featherless

I tried to help her with my little work

After several hours of hard work we finished it together

Tiredness shed my eyebrows down

I napped for sometime

Long hours of sleep relaxed my nerves

I saw my mother was looking at me with her loving eyes,

I lifted my head and peeped though the window

to see the sun shining above my head

as if he is giggling at my

for not catching him

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