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What more you can do in a summer vacation?

Sometimes the summer vacations turns adventurous. It brings you long-lasting memories. It might pave path for new beginning of a journey or a path. Jake, a free-bird, a writer, fully packed with his research, was asked to take care of his niece, Heiley and nephew, Noah by their father and Jake’s brother, Daniel.

Yeah, by the way, I am talking about, Jake’s vacation with Hailey and Noah in the movie “Secret Summer” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4743250/). The movie also casts the effort of a group of people, who attempt to stop the selling of a library, which is a community hall for many. Appraiser, Raichel was assigned the job of getting the papers ready for buying the library complex for building a resort and spa.

This movie shows the effort of Jack, how he is building the broken relations with his brother family. The difference between Jack and brother Daniel goes away at the end of the movie.

The last part of the movie becomes emotional. The kid, Noah goes missing. He has gone to get a possible treasure which he got to know through uncle Jake. At last they found Noah, who was digging the floor of library building. During this, he found some archeological reminaining which preserve the library from selling.

The film is a worth watching piece of work. I assure that definetely, you will appreciate this movie.


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You saved me

I was alone,

You came into my loneliness

as companion,

It was darkness,

You torched light,

Path was not clear,

You guided my to go,

I was hungry,

Your fed me with your hand,

I was tired,

You hold my hand with your palm,

My mind was empty,

You filled the vacancy,

I was unattached,

You bonded me with the world,

I was not confident,

You gave me courage.


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