You saved me

I was alone,

You came into my loneliness

as companion,

It was darkness,

You torched light,

Path was not clear,

You guided my to go,

I was hungry,

Your fed me with your hand,

I was tired,

You hold my hand with your palm,

My mind was empty,

You filled the vacancy,

I was unattached,

You bonded me with the world,

I was not confident,

You gave me courage.



Filed under Poems by SUNEESH

12 responses to “You saved me

  1. Shyama

    You r romantic——let me explain the word romantic —- the high peak of imagination— free play of imagination—-u can reach that altitude, I hope. Shyama K V, Ottapalam.

  2. This is very beautiful, full of emotions. Lovely.

  3. Beautiful! Very romantic. I love the phrase ‘You torched light’.

  4. I have only read a few of your poems but I found them very interestng and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing your work.

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