Pancha Rathas


DSCN0212DSCN0163The Five Rathas, also known as Panch Rathas, is a set of rock temples, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India. It is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.


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A lazy man’s day

Woke up by the barking sound of some street dogs

Eyes were heavy and drowsy,

But it was getting disturbed by the growling

I was always afraid of the woof

Scared of this sound since childhood,

I could not get ride of it even now..


Sleep was disturbed by the intense noise,

I searched for the alarm-clock

with half-eyed open,

I touched, but it fallen down and glasses broken

and the rattling was reverberating my ears


Got up from bed throwing the bed-sheet

by cursing the day,

Cleaned the place with lot of effort

to avoid injury,

I tried to mop the floor and carried the

glass pieces to dust-bin


Lied on the couch for relaxing,

it was only ten,

my regular time is up to late noon,

thought of sleeping for a while,

Tried, but the dogs still barking outside,

Ah!! stomach is feeling hungry too,


I felt lazy,

but hunger is instigating me,

I went to toilet,

while brushing gum got injured because

of my carelessness

Somehow, it was finished


Moved to kitchen to eat something,

Fridge was checked,

Disappointed of seeing it is empty,

Cursed myself of being lazy,

of not buying things


Lazy-mood has not allowed me to

walk down to restaurant,

Instead, I tried for home delivery-

food service


Switched on the TV,

and tried to watch something,

felt bored and thrown the remote,

hearing the ringing sound,

I opened the door,

My food has arrived,



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Elena: a review

Having bored of science fiction and action movies, watching Elena was quite different experience. Elena (Елена) directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev is a story of an old couple, Elena and Vladimir, came from different backgrounds. They met at later stage. Vladimir is a rich man and Elena was his nurse when he was admitted in hospital. Both Vladimir and Elena had childrens in their previous relationships. Vladimir has a daughter who was not bothered of her father and Elena’s son was facing problems about his university admissions. Vladimir got admitted into hospital due to heart attack and he realize that his time is limited. He made a will in which his property will inherits to his daughter and Elena will get only monthly pension. Elena has asked for Vladimir’s help for her son’s education but he washed his hand. This has lead Elena to kill  skilfully Vladir by poisoning by over-dosage of drugs. It is not fare to share plot of the story, it is worthwhile to watch it. Really, its is one of the best Russian movie.


I am a big fan of Andrey Zvyagintsev. I have also seen his other films, The Return and The Banishment. The common things which I observed for all Zvyagintsev’s movie’s are that, his stories are based on common man’s problems, its simplicity in presentation and most importantly, his camera works. I was really fascinated to see such excellent camera art in movies,especially the sleeping baby in Elena (towards end of the movie).


The movie has bagged several awards such as Special Jury Prize of the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival,Golden Eagle Award for Best Film and Nika Award for Best Actress.

More about this movie..IMDB


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“Celluloid”, A movie about forgotten movie maker, J.C.Daniel

It was completely different experience in watching the film “Celluloid”, a movie about FATHER OF MALAYALAM movie. Dr. J.C.Daniel has taken long struggle to materialize Malayalam (Language of Southern state of India). Though, he was a rich man by birth, final days was penury. He has sold majority of his property to make first movie in malayalm, “Vigathakumaran (Lost child”. The movie has created much ruckus among the orthodox community.

I appreciate Kamal’s effort in throwing light into the life of Dr. J.C.Daniel, a forgotten movie maker, who has actualize the first malayalam movie.


Dr. J.C.Daniel Nadar was quite passionate about movies since he was in his school. He has published a English book titled Indian Art of Fencing and Sword Play in 1915 at the age of fifteen. Dr. Daniel has traveled across the country to learn about movie and met several experts including Falke, another pioneer in Indian movie industry. He faced several challenges including opposition from orthodox society and getting female protagonists.  His film carrier ended up with his debut attempt itself and unfortunately the print of this movie is not available. The movie was big economic failure and he had change his profession to dental doctor. Last days of Daniel was extreme poverty and was not recognized by film society until 1990.

The Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala instituted the J. C. Daniel Award in honour of him in 1992, to honour lifetime achievements in outstanding contributions to Malayalam cinema.

To know more about Dr. Daniel wikipedia

IMDB link



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An appeal to drinkers, smokers and those who use plastic

BombayAn image taken from Mumbai, India

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Summer days

The day felt very long as

it was very hot

Sun was throwing its rays which

cut across the atmospheric layer

Traces of clouds are not seen


Lakes were evaporated by the intense summer

Cattle wandered across the field to

fetch water

Tree were left with leave-less branches

Hornbills, sitting on the branches

lifting its beak, waiting for the rain

Cicades were tired of

its crying for water

Soil was parching.

Ponds were dried of intense summer,

Nightingale were not singing as

they were more thirsty.

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Black & white collection

Black & white collection

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