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Luck or Unluck

Are you lucky or unlucky? Nobody would give a clear-cut answer. The answer depends their present situation. Whether, that moment they are lucky or unlucky. Human mind always search for it perfection. Therefore, even if you don’t have any problems as such, you look for some problem. In fact, it is not happening as such. Since we are not satisfied with what we have and we tries for the best, we are left with half-filled mind. A completely satisfied human being is not existing, even if he might be saint. Why I am particular about this is even those people who abstained themselves from material happiness itself are in a constant urge for becoming stable. Their constant efforts of discovering happiness outside of whatever they see itself indicates that they are not finding happiness. I am not critic of those peoples. What I want to stress here is even those who left earthly happiness are no way different from an average human being, especially in this regard.

How much I earned today and how much I targeted for tomorrow. We are all motivated like that. May be, our civilization has taught us to be competitive. We are growing up by listening and learning all those filthy stuffs in the form of education of various forms, both institutional and non-institutional. We are aimed for tomorrows and we are not living today. Even, I myself may not be quite different from others.

Earlier days, when I was worried over something, I used to reach parents. This is due to my belief that I will be relieved off the tension if I could share with somebody, especially someone very close to me. But, what would be the impact of this deed is they would become more tensed than me. Earlier, it was only me who was tensed, but because of my action I could tense my parents too. Ultimately, we all do things this. We are all tries to escape from everything, from happiness, from sadness, from enjoyment, from worries etc. We are not finding happiness anywhere. We escape from ourselves by reading, writing, traveling, worshiping etc.

We are always contradictory. We say it is good at this instant and would change our opinion at the next moment. Our creations are victims of such varied emotions. As we are not uniform by birth and living styles, our creativity also varies accordingly. The day we conquered our mind will be the day of end. A complete or perfect mind cannot stay long. The motive of our existence itself is the imperfection, that throw us in to many more problems. By finding solutions, both temporary as well as permanent, we spend each day, waiting for more challenging tomorrow. Whole of our valuable time is being spend by thinking about tomorrow and about yesterday, forget to live in present. Today’s awesome moments will be better appreciated tomorrow.

Even if, we think of the futility of the way we live, we cannot change the way it progresses, because of the very fact that we are human beings.


It belongs to the imperfection of everything human that man can only attain his desire by passing through its opposite.…………Soren Kierkegaard



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To my little sister

I was in a journey from Jabalpur to Chennai. Train came four hours late. After waiting for long, which I don’t like usually, I rushed into my compartment to occupy the seat. I got up early in the morning since the train was scheduled at early morning. My eyebrows felt heaviness due to the tiresome journey and the long waiting for train. Fortunately, I got side-seat, which I prefer while traveling as it provides more privacy. Train started moving leaving behind the images of the railway platform,  which became the familiar scenes as I moved across several times.

The catering person came taking the order. I ordered chappathi and dal-fry which is the most common the North-Indian menu. I didn’t had breakfast as I had to rush for the train (as it was scheduled at early morning).  I didn’t feel the taste of the food as I was thirsty and tired due to hectic travels in previous days. Sleep was  slipping my eyes. I arranged my bed and laid  by seeing through the window. I may not be able to remember when I went into deep sleep. The wonderful images of Jabalpur was appearing in my dreams. Though, I could cover many places in short duration of trip such as Bargi dam and Beragarh etc, stil I felt that I was missing several things. The sleep was disturbed by “tea-wallagh’s” sound. Train was stopped at some stations. I was told by the “cabin-boy” that train is waiting for some other train to pass. I just came out for getting some fresh air. It was around 4 pm and the weather was not so sunny. I saw few folks walking along the railway platform. Cows and buffaloes were foraging in the farm not very far from the railway lines. I saw some ladies, fetching water from the pipes provided in the station and walking through the platform.

I took some photos.

2013-02-24 15.38.48

Suddenly, ……………It was shocking but, real….I saw a little girl with a pot full of water on her little head. I couldn’t forget her image even now. Such an innocent age when, I used to find time for playing, this girl is trying to help her parents by carrying weights on her head. As the camera flash flickered she started looking at me and moved forward. She turned back again to see me. The train horn banged my ears again, indicating that it is about to leave. Even several days after that incident, the angel’s pathetic face appeared in night dreams.

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Freedom of thoughts

The title seems rather funny. You might be familiar with the words “freedom of expression, freedom of living, freedom of speech” etc. The commonest problem of us, most often is not having freedom of our thought process. The thought process have been limited by our day to day activities, our goals, limitations set by elders, and so many others. Most often we are forgetting that human civilization happened or happening and it has evolved in to its present form because of our constant urge to change and desire to question the validity of the existing systems. Our for-fathers started challenging the theories set by their fathers and grand-fathers. However, recent reports related to anthropology and other human evolution science related article shows that the growth rate of the civilization is slow in recent several centuries. As our civilization and science have been developing over time because of the demand of technology was in need for the existence of the highly competing world. Their journey was started since they discover fire by pressing two stones and our culture and civilization were evolved over time. Initially their demands were only limited. They were not aware that their life is having any purpose.
When new cultures have been developed, they often reflects the characteristics of the persons involved in the evolution. Sometimes, history was also misinterpreted in favor of such dominating class. Laws of individual have been replaced by commonest laws. Oppressed class have been asked to obey the rules set by leading class.
A kid may not bothered about what he is going to do. But as he grow up his freedom starts getting controlled by rules implemented by their parents.

Too many adults wish to ‘protect’ teenagers when they should be stimulating them to read of life as it is lived.”
― Margaret A. Edwards

Day to day incidents around us shows that we have been limited by so many barriers, especially the cultural, social and religious barriers. These rules, even though existing from since it originated, were functioning in a way that limits personal and individual freedom. Sometimes, while passing somebody across street you might have thought of helping him/her. Suddenly your guardian’s or parent’s order would come saying that ” he is a street dweller” or “beggar”.

While active discussions going on houses there is common trend of keeping away kids from their conversations thinking that they should not involve them too much of their worries. But is not true. Because kids won’t approach problems as grown ups do. Sometimes their suggestions would come in a positive way turning up.

The conventional attitude of not willing change from the existing system prevails from families to organizations. As the modern system is linked up on various organizational set-up ranging from your work place to the political organizations which you may or may not part of. As like the family systems, the organization also is based on rules which prevents freedom of expression, especially when queries are against its leaders.

If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”
― Noam Chomsky
“If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.”
—Albert Einstein

What I have seen mostly is people are ready to think in a way different from their predecessors, but they are quite afraid that how the community or the society appreciate their comments or their suggestions. The evolution of the human race requires free thinking. It has to come out of its usual barriers.


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