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In the mood of love

After long waiting

After breaking the silence

After cutting down the curiosity

We met again

Silence sprang in our eyes

Face was down as,

it was filled with long desire to meet

We could not talk for a while, as if

the tongue was paralyzed

We moved together for hours and

We didn’t how it went so so long,

Walking through the narrow road,

surrounding the park

was filled with silence

Weather was cozy,

accompanied with cool breeze.

We felt that the day was made for us

Pavement was strewed with yellowish flowers

Happiness was accompanied by slight drizzling

Sat on a street bench,

Suddenly, it happened

happened in the form of downpour

It has joined us together

under the shelter of an umbrella,

Atmosphere was so nice and specially made for us

As it was blessing us with its deeds

Gods were enthralled with our union

and blessed us with rain and cool breeze

As there were many benches

and our time was limited

we switched from one bench to another

Pedestrians were passing without noticing us or

we didn’t feel they passes by

Nothing was bothering, except time

It was only enemy ahead of us,

Enjoyed the mood, filled

with warmness and silence

Sun was slowly sinking in the western horizon and

Darkness pervades slowly as

gloominess started pervades into our faces,

Did not felt waiting for bus

as the hours left was precious.

Reached the place, where we have to say

good by for the day,

Mind was full and eyes were wet,

Voice was feeble and short,

We spoke with eyes,

Waiting was curious and painful,

however, parting too is painful


To my dearest



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Traffic block

I don’t like traffic

but sometimes

I am held up in a traffic-block

Today, it is hectic and

the line is too lengthy

Vehicle toots were

piercing my ear

Those in bikes were

percolates  through the

narrow space between

the long array of vehicles

It was raining too,

Waiting is always a curse,

but sometimes you are forced to do

by SUNEESH (http://suneeshas.webs.com/apps/blog/show/27628125-traffic-block)

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Morning downpour

Woke up by the pealing thunder

Disturbed by the sonorous sound

And spoor, I enjoys in early morning,


Eyes half opened,   

Looking for the alarm clock,

It was almost six,


Frightened by the rattling sound,

I lost my sleep,

Got up from the bed


Window door was creaked open

With a blare, eyes were blinked by

The flashing  light


I tried to shut the window door,

Against the trust of the wind and

It was pouring drops on my face


My skin felt titillated by the zephyr

Hair was moving in symphony

I stood there, watching  the rain


Bushes were drenched by the water,

Leaves bend down in weight and

Crows, bathing on the branch


I couldn’t resist myself in watching this

Awesome moments, my nerves

Felt warmness


I showed my palm on the water falling

Through the shades of the window


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