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Flaws in conventional religious system: Brahmananda Swamisivayogi and his selected works

Brahmanda Swamisivayogi is considered to be the founder of the first atheist movement in Kerala(India), a state where first Communist regime came in to power by electoral procedure. Don’t mistake from the name “Sivayogi” that he has to do something with “Siva”, one of the deities of Hindus. He is also the founder of “Ananda religion”, infact it is not a religion, a spiritual or social dogma free of ill-aspects of Hinduism,especially the superstitious idol worships animal sacrifices and superiority of Brahmins. Being born in elite class of the society Ananthasivayogi has challenged the domination of the Brahmins and the logical existence of Hinduism. He clearly advocates that “God is human mind creation”.

“Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi and his selected Works”, a book by P.V.Gopalkrishnan, is casting light towards the life and works of “Brahmananda Sivayogi”. However, this book didn’t get much attention even among the socially and educationally high Keralite society. Sivayogi’s works were showing light to those days wherein cast based discrimination were existed in Kerala. This has tempted Swami Vivekandan to call Kerala as “lunatic asylum”. Later communism and various social reformations mushroomed.

P.V.Gopalakrishnan’s book will be a guiding tool for those would wish to learn more about “Brahmanana Sivayogi”

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Ayalum Njanum Thammil: Don’t miss it

Ayalum Njanum Thammil(അയാളും ഞാനും തമ്മിൽ), movie by Lal Jose, came after a barrage of new generation movies is presented in a different way. The sequence of scenes in the movie is quite different from the conventional style of either flash back wise or linear time scale. I really enjoyed spending time with the characters, Dr. Ravi and Dr. Samuel. Dr. Ravi Tharakan, a medical student of mediocre academic background has been forced to serve in a village hospital as part of his internship. Dr. Ravi ended up in Dr. Samuel’s hospital. His working with Dr. Samuel has turned him into a well reputed cardiologist and a human being.

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The Edge of Heaven: Story of relationships

The movie, The edge of the heaven is telling the lives of Turkish immigrants in Germany. The story begins with a some scenes centered through Najat and his father, Ali Aksu who is a widower, struggled to bring up his son. Najat is a professor in German university, teaching German language. His father meets Yeter, a prostitute, happens to be from Turky. Eventhough, she speaks with him German, later he realized that she is Turkish. By realizing her difficulties, Ali invites her to his home. Yeter is telling him that she has a daughter, who doesn’t know about mothers profession, believes that she works in a shoe factory. Ali invited her for dinner. They dines with Najat. After drinking too much Ali started shouting at his son, thinking that he may try for Yeter That night Ali got hospitalized because of heart attack. He discharged from hospital and again he started arguing with his son about Yeter. Najat leaves home. Ali is not leaving there, started beating Yeter. She trembled down and she died of head injury. Ali is ending up in jail. Najat arrives in Turky along with Yeter’s coffin. He participated in her cremation. He came to know that she has a daughter. Najat stays in Turky to meet Yeter’s daughter. However, Yeter’s daughter is working for some anti democratic organization and she got escaped in to Germany. The story advances with Najat’s struggles to find Yeter’s daughter with his  own lonely life.

The director, FATIH AKIN is telling the story like a suspense triller. The usual happy ending of movies is not seen in this. He criticizes European union and its ill efforts in maintaining peace and same time he is shining lights towards the political system in Turky.

The movie is worth to watch. Don’t miss it.

IMDB link

Trailer: YOUTUBE

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Story of opium sellers: NARCOPOLIS

Jeet Thayil’s debute novel Narcopolis is a Bombay (presently Mumbai) based story, on the lives of slum dwellers, opium sellers and brothels in the Bombay during 90’s. Narcopolis is mainly centred through the lives of Dimple, Rashid and Lee. The novel also shows the changes happened in Bombay after the overturn of communal harmony, resulted from the demolition of Babari Masjid. The author lives in Bombay in a time when prostitution and opium were mandatory things. The city life has been afflicted by anarchy, street killing, massive castration often associated with the Bombay underworld. Some innocent people were rendered for satisfying the need of rich class of the society. These people were living in all most all Indian cities as they made some sort of social justice and harmony, evident from the persons going to brothel, they didn’t have any social barriers like cast, religion, economic or social status. Those days has created a social system driven by opium and prostitution.The book is presented as four sections, which the author describes as four books. The novel is covering the tragic lives of innocent people living in the busy lives of Bombay and how they have been turned up in to such pathetic, god forsaken life. Thayil presented himself as a witness to all these incidents during the course of the novel.

It is worth to read. The book has been shortlisted for Man Booker prize.

Jeet Thayil’sNarcopolis‘ makes it to Booker shortlist – Times Of India

Amazone link


Launching of the book: Video

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Innocense of ages

Walking over the aisle,

separating the paddy fields,

Caressing my ankles

by the blades of the paddy,

Spring breeze, fondling my hair,

Sparrows, busy in chaffing the rice husks,

Ducks wobbling over the murky fields,

Cranes, prowling for darters,

Innocent lads playing afar,

I couldn’t resist from joining with them,

Playing for long, contented and rejoicing, we forgot the time,

The exultation was crushed by call from mother,

Muddy foot were cleaned in streams across the field,

I got back to home,

Seasons has changed, matured up with time,

Paddy fields have been replaced with apartments,

Relocated to city, engrossed with scheduled life,

Time was measured at each moments of life,

After the busy office days, saturdays and sundays came,

Winter followed by summer, then spring, later monsoon,


I got up after a short nap,

Rushed to kitchen for my coffee,

Holding cup on my hand, peeped through the window,

to see my limited sceneries,

Codgers, sitting and talking over the benches on the park,

Teens, busy in chatting over phone,

Kids playing with sophisticated toys, gifted by parents,

Reminiscent of memories, which persists even after several years,

Days of innocence,

I got back to internet,

to regularize the updates in facebook.

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Life is a gift bestowed without anyone asking for it : Review of Julian Barnes’s “THE SENSE OF AN ENDING”

Yesterday I started reading the book “The Sense of an Ending”, winner of man booker prize 2011 written by Julian Barnes.The story is centered around the lives of Mr. Tony Webster, his girl friend Veronica, his wife Margret and his school friend Adrian Finn. Tony is living through the memories of his beautiful school days even in the old age. Sudden demise of his friend Adrian Finn has shattered him for long. He has celebrated mystic adolescent ages by flirting with girls. He says those were days of book hungry and sex hungry.


The authors views on life has been reflected in the book, appears to me the reminiscence of his views on western culture, wherein relations are temporary. As he says ” Life went by some Englishman once said marriage is long dull meal with the pudding served first”

One can thousands of philosophies which may be applicable to others, but not necessarily applicable to those delivers it; as he mentioned about the sudden suicide of Adrian “I would have sworn on oath that Adrian’s was one mind which would never lose its balance. But in the law’s view, if you killed yourself you were by definition mad, at least at the time you were committing the act.”

I swear that the book is going to be one of the valuable gift that our literature ever had.

ImageJulian Brnes website

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T. D. Dasan Std. VI B: story of a 12 year old boy’s desire to see his father

T. D. Dasan Std. VI B, beautifully written on the background of a Palakkadan hamlet, is telling the story of a kid whose immense desire to see his father who had left him alone soon after his birth. The boy was raised by his mother, who had not left even a single image of his father. Having disgraced by his classmates as “bastard” the boy’s childhood is in misery and isolation. One day he happened to see his father’s address in his mothers old trunk box. He realized that his father is living in Bangalore. He wrote a letter to his father by describing his stories. However, his father had left Bangalore some months back and that house has been occupied by another family consists of a advertising director and his daughter, who is a writer. The story is advancing by the communications between the 12 year boy, T.D. Dasan and the girl who writes letters to Dasan as his father. The film features Master Alexander, Biju Menon, Jagadish and Shweta Menon in the lead roles. Master Alexander won the Best Child Actor award in an online poll conducted by The Times of India. Even-though, the movie was failure in box-offices it acclaimed several international audiences. The movie was written and directed by Mohan Raghavan.



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