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Evening walk gave pleasure and

soothing always,

I was little late today,

even though,

People were few and it was not so sunny

the atmosphere was comfy except that

Vehicle’s buzzing noise reverberated my ears

Those who are in jogging

overtaken me as if they are in a sport event

As I was not in a hurry

to reach anywhere,

I was left back by the their speed

When I saw the dying sun,

he was still rejoicing

with his enthralling appearance

even though he is going to be devour

by the horizon,

with the belief that,

he could rebirth tomorrow

with more energy

Moon has rose along with the sunset that,

as he was awaiting for the sun’s departure to

occupy his place

As I moves ahead

leaving behind the past

I could see only future

full of hope and desires

and will soon going to be past

once I crosses it



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To my little sister

I was in a journey from Jabalpur to Chennai. Train came four hours late. After waiting for long, which I don’t like usually, I rushed into my compartment to occupy the seat. I got up early in the morning since the train was scheduled at early morning. My eyebrows felt heaviness due to the tiresome journey and the long waiting for train. Fortunately, I got side-seat, which I prefer while traveling as it provides more privacy. Train started moving leaving behind the images of the railway platform,  which became the familiar scenes as I moved across several times.

The catering person came taking the order. I ordered chappathi and dal-fry which is the most common the North-Indian menu. I didn’t had breakfast as I had to rush for the train (as it was scheduled at early morning).  I didn’t feel the taste of the food as I was thirsty and tired due to hectic travels in previous days. Sleep was  slipping my eyes. I arranged my bed and laid  by seeing through the window. I may not be able to remember when I went into deep sleep. The wonderful images of Jabalpur was appearing in my dreams. Though, I could cover many places in short duration of trip such as Bargi dam and Beragarh etc, stil I felt that I was missing several things. The sleep was disturbed by “tea-wallagh’s” sound. Train was stopped at some stations. I was told by the “cabin-boy” that train is waiting for some other train to pass. I just came out for getting some fresh air. It was around 4 pm and the weather was not so sunny. I saw few folks walking along the railway platform. Cows and buffaloes were foraging in the farm not very far from the railway lines. I saw some ladies, fetching water from the pipes provided in the station and walking through the platform.

I took some photos.

2013-02-24 15.38.48

Suddenly, ……………It was shocking but, real….I saw a little girl with a pot full of water on her little head. I couldn’t forget her image even now. Such an innocent age when, I used to find time for playing, this girl is trying to help her parents by carrying weights on her head. As the camera flash flickered she started looking at me and moved forward. She turned back again to see me. The train horn banged my ears again, indicating that it is about to leave. Even several days after that incident, the angel’s pathetic face appeared in night dreams.

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A disappointed Sunday

Got up after the afternoon nap,

Switched on the laptop,

To check the mail,

disappointed of

not finding anything interesting

except, the usual ads,

Rushed to kitchen

to make a coffee,

Disappointed of seeing the empty coffee tin,

Threw it of anger and



Got in to bathroom

for getting ready,

Passed by the aisle,

wherein the logs of the dirty cloths stinking,

Explored to find something

reasonably clean


Rushed in to garage,

to my bike,

a vintage beauty

and my explorer,

Rode through the village road,

evening sun is about to depart,

Folks moving in the pavement,

their usual jogging


Stopped nearby a coffee shop,

ordered an espresso,

My eyes, began to rove

at nearby tables,

at the teenage couples

sat there to spend their evening,

i ordered a pizza too,

to quench my hunger,


Sir, Coffee”

The bearer patted my shoulder,

Oh, yes”, I replied,

How much, 10 bucks,

Got out of the shop,

to continue my exploration,


what is next?

Movie! Okay,

Rushed in to multiplex,

Some movies were began already,

Usual stunts and fighting,

boring love scenes,


Looked in to my watch

to see the time,

I doubted whether it is really moving,

or rather I am slow

Distressed of the

disappointed Sunday,


Got out of the movie complex building,

Next is dinner?

Most of the restaurants were crowded

because of Sunday


Thought of finding something in outskirts,

Suddenly, that noticed in to my sight,

a little girl sharing her bread with her brother,

Looking shabby and filthy,

Destitution by destiny,

Helpless mother was in a hurry to make their tent

to protect them from the street dogs


Got back to my cruddy room,

soiled because of the laziness and

senseless attitude

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Flaws in conventional religious system: Brahmananda Swamisivayogi and his selected works

Brahmanda Swamisivayogi is considered to be the founder of the first atheist movement in Kerala(India), a state where first Communist regime came in to power by electoral procedure. Don’t mistake from the name “Sivayogi” that he has to do something with “Siva”, one of the deities of Hindus. He is also the founder of “Ananda religion”, infact it is not a religion, a spiritual or social dogma free of ill-aspects of Hinduism,especially the superstitious idol worships animal sacrifices and superiority of Brahmins. Being born in elite class of the society Ananthasivayogi has challenged the domination of the Brahmins and the logical existence of Hinduism. He clearly advocates that “God is human mind creation”.

“Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi and his selected Works”, a book by P.V.Gopalkrishnan, is casting light towards the life and works of “Brahmananda Sivayogi”. However, this book didn’t get much attention even among the socially and educationally high Keralite society. Sivayogi’s works were showing light to those days wherein cast based discrimination were existed in Kerala. This has tempted Swami Vivekandan to call Kerala as “lunatic asylum”. Later communism and various social reformations mushroomed.

P.V.Gopalakrishnan’s book will be a guiding tool for those would wish to learn more about “Brahmanana Sivayogi”

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