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Flaws in conventional religious system: Brahmananda Swamisivayogi and his selected works

Brahmanda Swamisivayogi is considered to be the founder of the first atheist movement in Kerala(India), a state where first Communist regime came in to power by electoral procedure. Don’t mistake from the name “Sivayogi” that he has to do something with “Siva”, one of the deities of Hindus. He is also the founder of “Ananda religion”, infact it is not a religion, a spiritual or social dogma free of ill-aspects of Hinduism,especially the superstitious idol worships animal sacrifices and superiority of Brahmins. Being born in elite class of the society Ananthasivayogi has challenged the domination of the Brahmins and the logical existence of Hinduism. He clearly advocates that “God is human mind creation”.

“Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi and his selected Works”, a book by P.V.Gopalkrishnan, is casting light towards the life and works of “Brahmananda Sivayogi”. However, this book didn’t get much attention even among the socially and educationally high Keralite society. Sivayogi’s works were showing light to those days wherein cast based discrimination were existed in Kerala. This has tempted Swami Vivekandan to call Kerala as “lunatic asylum”. Later communism and various social reformations mushroomed.

P.V.Gopalakrishnan’s book will be a guiding tool for those would wish to learn more about “Brahmanana Sivayogi”

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