Elena: a review

Having bored of science fiction and action movies, watching Elena was quite different experience. Elena (Елена) directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev is a story of an old couple, Elena and Vladimir, came from different backgrounds. They met at later stage. Vladimir is a rich man and Elena was his nurse when he was admitted in hospital. Both Vladimir and Elena had childrens in their previous relationships. Vladimir has a daughter who was not bothered of her father and Elena’s son was facing problems about his university admissions. Vladimir got admitted into hospital due to heart attack and he realize that his time is limited. He made a will in which his property will inherits to his daughter and Elena will get only monthly pension. Elena has asked for Vladimir’s help for her son’s education but he washed his hand. This has lead Elena to kill  skilfully Vladir by poisoning by over-dosage of drugs. It is not fare to share plot of the story, it is worthwhile to watch it. Really, its is one of the best Russian movie.


I am a big fan of Andrey Zvyagintsev. I have also seen his other films, The Return and The Banishment. The common things which I observed for all Zvyagintsev’s movie’s are that, his stories are based on common man’s problems, its simplicity in presentation and most importantly, his camera works. I was really fascinated to see such excellent camera art in movies,especially the sleeping baby in Elena (towards end of the movie).


The movie has bagged several awards such as Special Jury Prize of the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival,Golden Eagle Award for Best Film and Nika Award for Best Actress.

More about this movie..IMDB



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2 responses to “Elena: a review

  1. This sounds very good. I love dramatic movies.

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