“Celluloid”, A movie about forgotten movie maker, J.C.Daniel

It was completely different experience in watching the film “Celluloid”, a movie about FATHER OF MALAYALAM movie. Dr. J.C.Daniel has taken long struggle to materialize Malayalam (Language of Southern state of India). Though, he was a rich man by birth, final days was penury. He has sold majority of his property to make first movie in malayalm, “Vigathakumaran (Lost child”. The movie has created much ruckus among the orthodox community.

I appreciate Kamal’s effort in throwing light into the life of Dr. J.C.Daniel, a forgotten movie maker, who has actualize the first malayalam movie.


Dr. J.C.Daniel Nadar was quite passionate about movies since he was in his school. He has published a English book titled Indian Art of Fencing and Sword Play in 1915 at the age of fifteen. Dr. Daniel has traveled across the country to learn about movie and met several experts including Falke, another pioneer in Indian movie industry. He faced several challenges including opposition from orthodox society and getting female protagonists.  His film carrier ended up with his debut attempt itself and unfortunately the print of this movie is not available. The movie was big economic failure and he had change his profession to dental doctor. Last days of Daniel was extreme poverty and was not recognized by film society until 1990.

The Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala instituted the J. C. Daniel Award in honour of him in 1992, to honour lifetime achievements in outstanding contributions to Malayalam cinema.

To know more about Dr. Daniel wikipedia

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2 responses to ““Celluloid”, A movie about forgotten movie maker, J.C.Daniel

  1. Sounds very interesting. I enjoy foreign movies especially Indian and Asian.

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