Morning downpour

Woke up by the pealing thunder

Disturbed by the sonorous sound

And spoor, I enjoys in early morning,


Eyes half opened,   

Looking for the alarm clock,

It was almost six,


Frightened by the rattling sound,

I lost my sleep,

Got up from the bed


Window door was creaked open

With a blare, eyes were blinked by

The flashing  light


I tried to shut the window door,

Against the trust of the wind and

It was pouring drops on my face


My skin felt titillated by the zephyr

Hair was moving in symphony

I stood there, watching  the rain


Bushes were drenched by the water,

Leaves bend down in weight and

Crows, bathing on the branch


I couldn’t resist myself in watching this

Awesome moments, my nerves

Felt warmness


I showed my palm on the water falling

Through the shades of the window



Filed under Poems by SUNEESH

5 responses to “Morning downpour

  1. Nice poem, it got me there with you very descriptive, and now I´m getting nightmares of trees falling on me because of a hurricane.

  2. Wonderful appreciation of the drops of rain…great sensitivity! Wonderful poem!

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