Story of a child prodigy

This is not fiction, not a story too. A seventh year old kid from Kerala, India completed 25,000 art works. Edmund Thomas Clint, that is his name died of kidney failure on April 15, 1983. At the age of five, he secured first prize in the competition for under 18. Today, if he is alive, he would have been 34. His parents, Joseph and Chinnamma remember about Clint’s last words, “Amma, I might suddenly fall asleep. When you call me, I might not answer you. But don’t be scared. I’ll be sleeping,”.


Clint showed unusual talent at the age of two itself. He used to draw cartoons and festivals. He became subject of research among art community after his demise. Even though, he lived only for few years he has marked his visit to earth through his paintings, which, otherwise it may take years for a normal person to do. Two books were published based on his story. One book came in English (Ammu Nair’s A Brief Hour of Beauty and A biography, Clint – Nirangalude Rajakumaran (Clint – The Prince of Colors) came in Malayalam. In Kochi, there is a street named after Clint.

Following links gives more information about Clint

1. Wikipedia


3. Manoramaonline

Some works by Clint




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8 responses to “Story of a child prodigy

  1. Thanks for following my silly un-paid blog, hope you had a laugh or two. Quite tragic what happened to this kid, I did look him up, I don´t have the best trained eye of a painter but to me it seemed the same or better than other painters who spent their whole life doing this job. Interesting blog you have here, I see your from India, I´ll keep exploring more things, learn cool anecdotes from people and places in your country. Stay frosty.

    • thank you for the comment. don’t get a feeling that, your blog is silly. It’s fantastic. be optimistic about having a cool life. make everyday special and memmorable. your birth will have some purpose and your duty is in finding that. whatever little you do, will be great. being a listener and learner, I can say frankly from the very bottom of my heart that, I could understand only little about this misterious and vast universe and its belongings. I am like a small kid standing before oscean of knowledge; knowledge about myself, about others, about human life, it’s existence and so many other….

  2. Amazing story……thanks for introducing us to this extraordinary child.

  3. Amazing. The world needs some brilliant people.

  4. Very amazing story. I have read other stories about similar children, and some who have memories of past lives and people. Thanks for posting this story and for following my blog.

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