Just before departure

2012-12-08 16.48.11

He is in his last hours,

About to descend on the sea,

Lost his vigor,

Tired of traveling long distance,

He is not raging now,

Those reddish rays were still blinking

my eyes,

Backwater has regenerated him over its surface,

As the wind has waved through the water,

he started move along in symphony

Those bushes on the banks

appears more shiny as

the rays cut across

the branches

Greenish leaves smiled as he fondled them

He was more gorgeous at this moment

Disappointed by all these

he just departed from my sight,



Filed under PHOTOS, Poems by SUNEESH

3 responses to “Just before departure

  1. Great poetry you have here, and the photos of the Araku valley precious. I Hope one day I can take a trip around the world and visit these type of places, but until then I have you to show it to me. Stay Frosty.

  2. G.Ganapatysankarasubramanian.

    Dear suneesh,
    I like “You saved me , Inthe mood of love” .Nice expression.Romantic poet,I say


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