For the sake of others


They walks unnoticed me. I have my kids starving. Scorching sunshine was not as much hotter as it felt to them. Their foot-steps were heavy and were rasping on my ears.

An image from Dhuandhar Falls, Madhya Pradesh.



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4 responses to “For the sake of others

  1. bgbowers

    Your words tug at my heartstrings.

  2. Two little eyes stare up at me
    With a big question in them?
    Why do they not stop, mum?
    The hands of hunger pull
    The child to shriveled breasts
    For the milk that is not there
    People walk past without looking
    At the fruit of my labour before me
    Will this labour today fruitless remain?
    These eyes can see but
    They have lost their vision
    I seek no luxury, no gold
    No mansions, no cars
    No pity, no smiles either
    Just a few coins
    For an infant,
    For a human
    In hunger
    Two little eyes are closed in sleep
    Two little eyes with no questions.

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