Childhood resolutions


Being a little sparrow,

Resting on my cute nest,

Caressed by cool breeze

Rays of the morning sun piercing through

the sawdust and

tickled my eyes

I was thinking of quaffing sun

He was grinning over my head

I became more jealous as

he repeated same everyday

The mood was saturated with relaxation

as I was sleeping on my favorite home

built by my mother

I have to wait until she returns in the evening

Long days felt bored to me

My happiness was interrupted by

the birds chirping and swaying

I cursed myself of being a little kid

my pathetic situation, helplessness

Butterflies swaggers flowers to flowers

However, it gave some pleasure and hope

as I was confident of becoming elder sooner

Still he is smiling above my head

that little monster, the Sun

I challenged him that I will swallow him

when I get older

Mother took me to another shelter

as monsoon wind has shattered our little house

I cursed the wind for the menace

I decided, I will take revenge as

I get older,

I saw my mother, cover my wings in fibers she

took from far to save me from cold

However, she was shivering of cold

as she couldn’t resist in that chillness

I was angry of being a child

my miserable situation

my helplessness

Sever days passed,

Witnessing the changes

The day came,

mother took my for fetching food

We returned evening

after collecting fibers and threads

I saw myself grew up

I became like my mother

I starts going with her

for fetching food and fibers from remote places

One day I saw my nest was damaged by somebody

I could not control my anger

I saw my mother was trying to make it repair

Her wings rendered featherless

I tried to help her with my little work

After several hours of hard work we finished it together

Tiredness shed my eyebrows down

I napped for sometime

Long hours of sleep relaxed my nerves

I saw my mother was looking at me with her loving eyes,

I lifted my head and peeped though the window

to see the sun shining above my head

as if he is giggling at my

for not catching him


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