A Moment to Remember

A Moment to Remember is a story of abiding love of a young couple, a woman named Su Jin and a man named Chul Soo. The movie was officially released in South Korea on 2004. The movie grabbed several international recognitions including “best adapted screenplay” in 2005 Grand Bell Awards.

The story focus on “Su Jin”, 27 year old fashion designer, daughter of a construction head, fall in love with a foreman, whom she mets in construction site. Her intimacy towards Chul Soo initiated from a misunderstanding. Su Jin purchased a coke bottle and she left her purse and the cola bottle in a shop. After moving ahead a while she realized that the coke is not there with her. She returns and she saw a person coming out of the shop with a coke bottle. She grabbed that and drank it. When he left the place, she realizes her purse is also missing. She asked the shop keeper about the purse. He gave her the purse and coke, telling that she has forgotten there. She felt guilty of taking other persons coke bottle. The she met him in her fathers construction site. There interaction started slowly and it culminated in marriage.


The movie saw a twist, when she was diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease.  Slowly she loses her memory and she is reaching in a stage, where in she is not able to identify Chun Soo. She started calling him by her ex-boy friend, a married man and their relationship also ended in another tragedy.

The movie is worth watching and I am sure you will like it.

IMDB link


The movie was suggested to me by a person whom I loved most.


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