Getting too late

Tring tring tring tring ……..

alarm ringing,

Half opened eyes, looked in to alarm clock,

It was only six,

Crows were chirping on the tree,

Sun was peeping through the window,

As the rays fall on my feet, I felt

as if it was galling the skin,

I tried to drag the draper to

shun from the sunlight

Bed sheet was scattered around

Relaxed that still I have,

another anhour for sleeping,

Sleep was pushing my eyes down,

Tuned the alarm for eight’O clock,

Covered by head with bead-sheet,

I was switching between nap and the alarm clock,

Slowly, I glided into deep sleep,

I don’t know when I felt I like that,

I was weightless, floating over water,

I was moving, over water,

I was totally surrounded by water,

I tried to swim, but

all the efforts turned in to futile exercise,

Suddenly, I tumbled into abyss,

I tried to escape,

however, I could not

Alarm rang again,

I woke up by the ringing sound,

The hysteria persists still in my mind….

Looked into the watch again,

it was around 8:30,

I had to rush to routine office life,

Thrown the bed-sheet down and rushed into toilet

Another day begins

as usual


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