Did you see him?

He/she is pervasive,
exists everywhere,
everything born out of him,
All are minute essence of him/her,
My parents and teachers taught me,
I believed them sincerely,
His presence has to be endured by sufferings
and worships,
He who saves us from evil spirits,
Is he looks like me? I asked out of curiosity,
My mother got angry.
Don’t make him angry, she yelled at me.
You will be able to see him after death,
You will get heaven if you do believe his powers
and praise him,
Mind it that, even small mistakes at your end might
make him unhappy, she advised me regularly,
My worries is that I am able to sense hot, chillness, winter, summer
However, I could not sense the power that elders pointed out,
The curiosity matures with time as my body,
Learned literature, language, philosophy, science, maths
and many more things,
However, I could not understand the supreme power
that I was hearing since childhood
Hoping that, I might me highly unlucky to
sense the power that my parents and elders could sense,
I believed that I will be able to visualize it in nearer days,
Days took me from childhood to manhood,
Everywhere I am seeing only people falling behind something
I have not understood,
It might me my fault or might me I could not harness the ideas
differently from what I’m used to,
I continued my journey to find the power that controls everybody
that they are going behind something
I have not sensed it so far
Yes, I have not understood god
I could not see him or rather I could not cheat my conscious mind by
telling that I have sensed him


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