A disappointed Sunday

Got up after the afternoon nap,

Switched on the laptop,

To check the mail,

disappointed of

not finding anything interesting

except, the usual ads,

Rushed to kitchen

to make a coffee,

Disappointed of seeing the empty coffee tin,

Threw it of anger and



Got in to bathroom

for getting ready,

Passed by the aisle,

wherein the logs of the dirty cloths stinking,

Explored to find something

reasonably clean


Rushed in to garage,

to my bike,

a vintage beauty

and my explorer,

Rode through the village road,

evening sun is about to depart,

Folks moving in the pavement,

their usual jogging


Stopped nearby a coffee shop,

ordered an espresso,

My eyes, began to rove

at nearby tables,

at the teenage couples

sat there to spend their evening,

i ordered a pizza too,

to quench my hunger,


Sir, Coffee”

The bearer patted my shoulder,

Oh, yes”, I replied,

How much, 10 bucks,

Got out of the shop,

to continue my exploration,


what is next?

Movie! Okay,

Rushed in to multiplex,

Some movies were began already,

Usual stunts and fighting,

boring love scenes,


Looked in to my watch

to see the time,

I doubted whether it is really moving,

or rather I am slow

Distressed of the

disappointed Sunday,


Got out of the movie complex building,

Next is dinner?

Most of the restaurants were crowded

because of Sunday


Thought of finding something in outskirts,

Suddenly, that noticed in to my sight,

a little girl sharing her bread with her brother,

Looking shabby and filthy,

Destitution by destiny,

Helpless mother was in a hurry to make their tent

to protect them from the street dogs


Got back to my cruddy room,

soiled because of the laziness and

senseless attitude


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One response to “A disappointed Sunday

  1. Sreeja Sreekumar G.

    simple and nice

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