The Edge of Heaven: Story of relationships

The movie, The edge of the heaven is telling the lives of Turkish immigrants in Germany. The story begins with a some scenes centered through Najat and his father, Ali Aksu who is a widower, struggled to bring up his son. Najat is a professor in German university, teaching German language. His father meets Yeter, a prostitute, happens to be from Turky. Eventhough, she speaks with him German, later he realized that she is Turkish. By realizing her difficulties, Ali invites her to his home. Yeter is telling him that she has a daughter, who doesn’t know about mothers profession, believes that she works in a shoe factory. Ali invited her for dinner. They dines with Najat. After drinking too much Ali started shouting at his son, thinking that he may try for Yeter That night Ali got hospitalized because of heart attack. He discharged from hospital and again he started arguing with his son about Yeter. Najat leaves home. Ali is not leaving there, started beating Yeter. She trembled down and she died of head injury. Ali is ending up in jail. Najat arrives in Turky along with Yeter’s coffin. He participated in her cremation. He came to know that she has a daughter. Najat stays in Turky to meet Yeter’s daughter. However, Yeter’s daughter is working for some anti democratic organization and she got escaped in to Germany. The story advances with Najat’s struggles to find Yeter’s daughter with his  own lonely life.

The director, FATIH AKIN is telling the story like a suspense triller. The usual happy ending of movies is not seen in this. He criticizes European union and its ill efforts in maintaining peace and same time he is shining lights towards the political system in Turky.

The movie is worth to watch. Don’t miss it.

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