broken night dream

Wings started appearing
on either sides of my body,
I can now fly like a bird
Coddled by the clouds swaying,
Angels wished me
with white rose flowers
Flew through the bluish sky
along with the wind
I was taken away by a wind,
to afar to touch the sparkling stars,
I could see clouds everywhere,
I was kindled by the presence of the angles and butterflies,
Suddenly, a herd of white swans flew ahead of me
like a jet out
followed by a hiss,
It was, sound of collision of two clouds,
followd by intense lights,
unbearable to sights,
The sparkling sound petrified my eyes,
reverberated in my ears,
My wings burned off the fire came out the lightning,
I thought, I will be burned away in the fire
The dream was shattered by a thunder sound,
The door creaks open,
Window door couldn’t resists
from the force of the wind
Curtains billowd up,
Lights sparks through the window glass followed by
Hiss of the wind outside,
It is about to rain
Branches of the tree
is cracks down by the wind,
The street dogs yelping outside,
Crows cry out of fear,
Cicadas cry for rain,
All these reckons of the
scences of some fairytales
The furious thunder was reduced by the rain,
The water droped down like beautiful diamonds,
The atomoshpere was filled with joy and rejoice,
I tried to wrap my body in to the bedsheet,
to escape from the lightning
which gave me the fear and frightened,
However, it took long time to get back in to sleep


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