Endless dreams

Life, beautiful as butterflies
As cherubic angels of our dreams,
It is, as pure as breathing air,
As sweet as honey,
As clear as blue sky,
As charming as spring,
As wonderful as it is,
As the innocent lads play and forget,
Like those butterflies wanders from one flower to another,
Those nights filled with energy and dreams
The earth rejoices when
a seed sprouts in to plant
or when new born baby opens his/her
eye in to the beautiful world of his future
They grew up with pray and affection of their mother,
they get in to the world of challenges and hopes,
life turns in to,
various dimensions,
leaving behind the past
in its memories.

They starts dreaming about

how to conquer the world

and how to make things favorable to him/her.

Finally, when they realize they became old

they becomes spiritual

and apologizes over their past actions.

As they gets old,
think of becoming childhood.
Life like a pearl
that’s shining and glittering,
However, it will be complete and perfect
if it is connected through a thread,
as the life is connected through
memories and dreams.


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