Story of opium sellers: NARCOPOLIS

Jeet Thayil’s debute novel Narcopolis is a Bombay (presently Mumbai) based story, on the lives of slum dwellers, opium sellers and brothels in the Bombay during 90’s. Narcopolis is mainly centred through the lives of Dimple, Rashid and Lee. The novel also shows the changes happened in Bombay after the overturn of communal harmony, resulted from the demolition of Babari Masjid. The author lives in Bombay in a time when prostitution and opium were mandatory things. The city life has been afflicted by anarchy, street killing, massive castration often associated with the Bombay underworld. Some innocent people were rendered for satisfying the need of rich class of the society. These people were living in all most all Indian cities as they made some sort of social justice and harmony, evident from the persons going to brothel, they didn’t have any social barriers like cast, religion, economic or social status. Those days has created a social system driven by opium and prostitution.The book is presented as four sections, which the author describes as four books. The novel is covering the tragic lives of innocent people living in the busy lives of Bombay and how they have been turned up in to such pathetic, god forsaken life. Thayil presented himself as a witness to all these incidents during the course of the novel.

It is worth to read. The book has been shortlisted for Man Booker prize.

Jeet Thayil’sNarcopolis‘ makes it to Booker shortlist – Times Of India

Amazone link


Launching of the book: Video


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