Innocense of ages

Walking over the aisle,

separating the paddy fields,

Caressing my ankles

by the blades of the paddy,

Spring breeze, fondling my hair,

Sparrows, busy in chaffing the rice husks,

Ducks wobbling over the murky fields,

Cranes, prowling for darters,

Innocent lads playing afar,

I couldn’t resist from joining with them,

Playing for long, contented and rejoicing, we forgot the time,

The exultation was crushed by call from mother,

Muddy foot were cleaned in streams across the field,

I got back to home,

Seasons has changed, matured up with time,

Paddy fields have been replaced with apartments,

Relocated to city, engrossed with scheduled life,

Time was measured at each moments of life,

After the busy office days, saturdays and sundays came,

Winter followed by summer, then spring, later monsoon,


I got up after a short nap,

Rushed to kitchen for my coffee,

Holding cup on my hand, peeped through the window,

to see my limited sceneries,

Codgers, sitting and talking over the benches on the park,

Teens, busy in chatting over phone,

Kids playing with sophisticated toys, gifted by parents,

Reminiscent of memories, which persists even after several years,

Days of innocence,

I got back to internet,

to regularize the updates in facebook.


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