Life is a gift bestowed without anyone asking for it : Review of Julian Barnes’s “THE SENSE OF AN ENDING”

Yesterday I started reading the book “The Sense of an Ending”, winner of man booker prize 2011 written by Julian Barnes.The story is centered around the lives of Mr. Tony Webster, his girl friend Veronica, his wife Margret and his school friend Adrian Finn. Tony is living through the memories of his beautiful school days even in the old age. Sudden demise of his friend Adrian Finn has shattered him for long. He has celebrated mystic adolescent ages by flirting with girls. He says those were days of book hungry and sex hungry.


The authors views on life has been reflected in the book, appears to me the reminiscence of his views on western culture, wherein relations are temporary. As he says ” Life went by some Englishman once said marriage is long dull meal with the pudding served first”

One can thousands of philosophies which may be applicable to others, but not necessarily applicable to those delivers it; as he mentioned about the sudden suicide of Adrian “I would have sworn on oath that Adrian’s was one mind which would never lose its balance. But in the law’s view, if you killed yourself you were by definition mad, at least at the time you were committing the act.”

I swear that the book is going to be one of the valuable gift that our literature ever had.

ImageJulian Brnes website


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