Demise of the father of White revolution in India: Dr. Verghese Kurien


I was having only superficial knowledge about Dr. Verghese Kurien, the person who changed the whole scenario of the milk production in India, until it got influenced through the famous books by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, our former president and our missile man (Wings of fire and Ignited Minds). Having educated from prestigious institutes from India and Abroad (USA) Dr. Kurien has employed his whole potential in to the development of the country. Dr. Kuriens contributions to the Indian society is rather innovative and valid in a time when country was rendered in to destitution after the tyrannies of British rule. Moreover, he is distinguished among the contemporary leaders wherein our great leaders of the view that development of the country entirely depending up on American and western countries investments. Dr. Kurien has showed the country has immense potential of development, by thinking quite different from others. He showed the path by establishing and Indian based company Amul India, which has the potential to compete with the companies from Europe. He has developed several methods for the preservations of milk, which where only known to Europeans. Country has duly acknowledge him by honoring civilian awards like Padma Shree and Padma Vibhushan.

Dr. Kurien’s life should be a subject of education for the present and future generations, wherein educations became highly costly and practically unreachable for the many of the middle class society. Dr. Kurien has truly applied the education he obtained for the development of the country rather than working in some prestigious institution.

Dr.  Kurien, your are immortal in the hearts of every Indian.

A brief biography of Dr. Kurien (Wiki pedia link)

Famous book by Dr. Kurien: I Too Had a Dream

Image“I have always spoken of integrity as the most important of values – realizing that integrity, and personal integrity at that, is being honest to yourself. If you are always honest to yourself, it does not take much effort in always being honest with others” – Verghese Kurien.


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