Life is what you make it: book about bipolar disorder

Sometimes you can see some special people whose character will be different from others. The commonly applicable theories may fail in judging such peoples. Often you may come across such personalities in your day-today activities-among your friends, relatives etc. Some people are characterized with short-tempered nature, some are having suicidal tendencies. Sometimes you may wondered that some people are killing themselves with out having any reasons, mostly they are intelligent and talented. The famous book by Preethy Shenoy ” LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT” is on the story of Ankta Sharma who manage to survive the extremity of “BIPOLAR DISORDER”. The author beautifully narrates the books through the lives of Ankita. The book is starting with the college lives of the girl in the beautiful city of Cochin. The author is taking the readers through the emotions of Ankita through out the beautiful words  of the book. The presentation skill of Preety Shenoy is very well reflected through out the book. The book is filled with emotions of a college student who fail to fulfill the dreams of parents, which is very well resembles to the modern parents who are over-bothered about their kids. I personally like the way the book is presented and I admit that it is definitely going to be one of the best among the contemporary Indian authors.


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