An unexpected shower


Sitting and reading for very long,

Tired of cliché movie gossips and chatting over phone,

I gone for a stroll,

The atmosphere was rumbled with vehicles hones,

Toddler jaunted in their bicycles,

Some old couples were on their mundane evening walks,

Those street bunches were filled with lovers,

Left behind all these beautiful scenes, I moved forward,

Suddenly, it came with surprise, the summer rain,

After long days of scorching sunshine,

As consolation to the rising Fahrenheit.

Rejoiced over the relief from enduring days of parching,

The leaves of trees and shrubs pull down by the weight of the water droplets,

The fear of getting fever, pull me back from

the serene beauty of the rain,

And I am back in home, fully drenched,

But the sweetness of the raindrops stuck on my lips,

reckons the days of immemorable childhood.

Now, I’m back from those innocent memories.


“I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.” ― Charles Chaplin




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